Thursday, July 9, 2009

SMOKING IT KILLS !!! By Vivek Sonasaria

Smoking it kills for sure. Smoking reduces your stamina, it make you feel tired and defenseless. Out of addiction one smoke again and again but slowly slowly it capture on your heart and lungs. It make a male impotent and female has chances to lose their fertility. I am not good at writing thing but still i have tried some, to show different type of effects of smoking.

Head to toe
- smoking effects can be seen on each part of your body. Let's go step by step and find out the dangerous smoking effects on your body.
Let's begin from the top i.e. your hair. Smoking effects can be felt on your hair. You hair becomes smelly and stained due to instant smoking effects. Slow hair growth, thinning and graying of hair is also believed to be a direct smoking effect. Your hair will look and feel lifeless and dull.
Smoking effects on brain are highly dangerous. Blockage of carotid artery may cut off the blood supply to the brain cells, which results in stroke (cerebral thrombosis). Blood thickening and clotting are also serious smoking effects and smokers are 1.5 times more likely to have stroke as compared to non-smokers.
Dangerous smoking effects on eyes include common eye diseases such as Graves' ophthalmopathy, age- related mascular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract. The worst smoking effect on eyes can be permanent blindness.
Smoking effects on your nose can rob you of your sense of smell.
Teeth and Gums
Do you ever wonder why your teeth are so yellow and stained? Do your gums bleed every morning you wake up? Well, it's because of the direct smoking effect on your teeth. Also smoking effects are not limited to the appearance of your teeth but also results in plaque, loose teeth, gum disease and gingivitis.
Mouth and Throat
All cancers associated with the larynx, oral cavity and esophagus are fatal smoking effects. The less dangerous smoking effects are reduced sense of taste, sore throat and smelly breath.
Poor blood circulation which leads to cold fingers, tar stained fingers, peripheral vascular disease and amputation due to gangrene are some of the heart-wrenching smoking effects.
Lungs and Respiratory System
The most dreaded lung cancer, feeling out of breath, colds and flu, pneumonia, asthma, cough and sputum, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, phew... are all smoking effects which will more or less make your life hell.
Two immediate smoking effects on heart and circulation are an increase in your heartbeat rate and a sharp rise in blood pressure.
Long term smoking effects are increase in the blood cholesterol and fibrinogen levels and increase in chances of having a heart attack. Smoking effects on your heart leads to coronary heart disease, aneurysm, peripheral vascular disease, stroke etc.
Digestive System
Smoking effects are heartburn, peptic ulcers, Crohn's disease, gallstones and stomach cancer.
Wrinkles, capillaries and premature ageing and scarring are few smoking effects on skin.
Legs and Feet
Beurger's disease, leg pain and gangrene are painful smoking effects.


  1. Very good proposition. Nevertheless, Is smoking is only cause for cancer or any other injuries to health? Non Vegitarian food, gravies with preservatives and colour, use of oil repeatedly, air pollution, mosquitos, pan masala, hot drinks, automobile polution, indudtrial pollution, indeciplined life style, skipping breakfas, living in concrete jungle, closed widows while sleeping, air conditioning, all these are more and more and more injurious to health.
    Because of cigarrete ban, young children has swithched on to drinks and very strong panmasala burning their lever and brain. I am not justifying smoking, but thre are many in our environment that is more injurious to health. Why don't you propagate the DOPE? On account of this indian culture has turned to lesbian and gay sex.

  2. thank you . very well explained

  3. I chanced upon this blog while searching the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes online. Mr N Nandakumar Kartha, you are absolutely clear about urban living hazards. The sad thing is we are courting death knowingly everyday. Lifestyles, habits & culture with society's general view, not to deviate from the norm is what most people want to stick with, while some are genuinely unthinking & ignorant, some submit themselves to what current modernity entails. To the typical mass consumer, food would not look as appetizing without colour additives. The public should be educated, as demand determines supply, businesses can change to suit the smarter consumer. Can the human race think deeper than the shallow pursuits of consumerism?